David Cardle
David Cardle

David Cardle and his partner Alan Kuhnell created The Melford Partnership in response to a need within the independent school sector for affordable and practical financial and strategic advice. With long and successful careers in business behind them, David and Alan have decided to leverage their skills and expertise in the independent school sector in a pragmatic and focussed way.

Our focus is upon providing independent, affordable, technical and strategic support to those responsible for the financial health of a school.  Our work is tailored to the individual needs of our clients but in the first instance we focus on the robustness of the financial reporting systems in particular managing and forecasting cash flow.  We can then assist with developing a business plan based upon robust projections and identifying and sourcing working capital and long term funding needs. The services we provide can be grouped under the following 4 headings:

Financial reporting:

  • Assessment of the robustness of the existing financial reporting systems
  • Cash flow modelling: in particular to identify cyclical versus structural deficits
  • Profitability analysis by department including identification of fixed & variable costs
  • KPI reporting
  • Financial projections modelling

Operational cash flow management:

Working capital management analysis involving a review of the processes around:

  • Credit control and debt collection
  • Supplier management
  • Inventory control
  • Identifying working capital facility needs & support arranging

Cost analysis:

  • Assessment of the efficiency of the cost base which involves considering:
  • What costs need to be incurred to meet the existing or any proposed new strategy
  • Whether existing suppliers are delivering value for money & options for change given contract terms

Building and funding a strategy:

  • Identification and modelling of alternative strategic options
  • Preparation of business plans with a view to raising external investment
  • Identification of long-term funding needs & support arranging
  • Stakeholder management through a period of change
  • Project management

For further information email: [email protected]  or Mobile 07786 111287