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Jake Anders

Jake Anders – Research and Policy Specialist
Jake spent over ten years at The Education Partnership, amassing great experience of our work with clients. He is now an Associate Professor at University College London but continues to provide strategic advice to The Education Partnership.

Martin Ayres – Independent school inspection specialist
Previously Head of Inspection for ISI, Martin prepares schools and colleges for inspection, advising on quality assurance arrangements, measuring outcomes, and auditing.
IMG_0753 Jill Bainton – Maintained/Non-Association School Inspection Specialist
Jill has a wealth of experience in inspecting all types of independent schools in a wide age range and can assist schools in complying with the standards and ensuring that they evidence them to show the school’s strengths.

Anita Bird

Anita Bird – Human Resources Specialist
Anita is a leading Human Resources professional of some 20 years’ experience. She specialises in supporting organisations in all aspects of managing and developing employees.

Robert Cook

Bob Cook – School Improvement and Leadership Specialist
Bob is an experienced educationist with 25 years of headship expertise. He specialises in school improvement, leadership support and change management.
Angela Forsyth

Angela Forsyth – Recruitment Specialist
Angela is an educational recruitment specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the independent sector. She advises and supports schools with appointments at all levels from NQT to Headship.

Robin Lewis – Independent school inspection specialist
Robin advises on all aspects of school inspection and regulation and acts as a mentor, listener and appraiser. He chairs advisory panels and undertakes conflict resolution.

Andrew Maiden

Andrew Maiden – Publishing and Governance Specialist
Andrew Maiden has launched several magazines and books, as well as initiated and organised successful events, all in the field of education, in particular for independent and international schools. He has helped schools with issues of governance and runs training courses for governing bodies.

Laurence McKell

Laurence McKell – Independent School Inspection Specialist
Laurence is an educator with over 20 years of headship and senior management experience. His consultancy specialises in all aspects of school improvement, leadership support and change management.
Dane Oliver Dane Oliver – Outdoor Education Specialist
Dane is involved in delivering training courses on Best Practice for those leading educational visits and the monitoring of school self-led adventure activities in both the maintained and the private sectors.

Russ Parke

Russell Parke – Personal Development Specialist
Russell is Managing Director of the Youth Corporation Ltd. which specialises in personal development programmes for Young Adults using a wide range of expedition and team building techniques.
Josh Rigby Josh Rigby – Policy Specialist and Research Assistant
Josh has worked for the Education Partnership since 2011, working on projects for over sixty different colleges and schools, ensuring policies and procedures are in place and in accordance with the latest legislation and best practice.
Amanda Woods Amanda Woods – Marketing and Communications Specialist
Amanda has worked in marketing and communications in the education sector for over 20 years. Her marketing career has spanned independent and state schools, university and colleges.