Laurence McKellLaurence McKell is an educator with over 20 years of headship and senior management experience in the Independent sector, in coeducational, day and boarding schools (HMC, BSA, ISA and CISC). His consultancy specialises in all aspects of school improvement, leadership support and change management.

Leadership support
Laurence draws on his extensive expertise and experience to meet your particular requirements and needs. He has been able to offer consultancy and support in most educational spheres including:

  • Short term and interim management problem solving
  • Guidance with long and medium term strategic planning
  • As an advisor to Governing Bodies, Heads, Deputies and Senior Leadership Teams
  • Review of documentation, procedures and compliance
  • Effective school and management administration and systems
  • Audit of non-teaching and support services

School Improvement
Laurence has the expertise and skill to offer an appraisal of how to improve the school even more, as a critical friend of the school. He has provided consultancy in the following aspects:

  • Inspection preparation, documentation and compliance, including mock inspections
  • Staff training – preparation for inspection; Senior staff – SEF documentation
  • School Improvement Planning and School Development Planning
  • The effectiveness of management teams
  • Departmental audits
  • Curriculum audits
  • Teaching and Learning
  • SEN and EAL
  • Boarding audits
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Admissions and recruitment strategies
  • Curriculum audits
  • Chaplaincy teams and spirituality (SMSC)
  • Other objectives agreed with you beforehand

Laurence will spend time with you gaining an insight into your context and the situation, and feedback the findings in detail in a full, confidential written report outlining advice and recommendations.

Laurence can be contacted [email protected] and by telephone on 07578 424 424.