Russell Parke founded Hampshire Scout Expeditions (HSX) in 1986 for the purpose of organising and carrying out community development projects combined with high adventure. It has been extremely successful in providing young people with the opportunity to take part in expeditions. Russell has organised over 20 expeditions across the world including to:


* Nepal, Mount Everest;

* Alaska, Mt McKinley;

* Tibet, Cho Oyu;

* Papua New Guinea, Kokoda;

* Gambia;

* Kenya;

* Tanzinia;

* Belize;

* Peru;

* Russia;

* Sri Lanka;

* Romania.

The most recent project, which Russell was Expedition Leader for, was a successful team summit on Everest in May 2007 as part of HSX 21st Anniversary and the Centenary celebrations of the Scouting Movement. This was strongly featured on the BBC One “Everest ER” series during June 2009.

russ-parke.jpgAs part of the projects at least 12 months training is organised focused on building teamwork, personal development and leadership to ensure that members gain as much as possible from the experience. The hope is that as well as being a life changing experience for those involved, such contacts will bring greater understanding, and therefore tolerance of the multi-cultural society in which we live today.

Russell is Managing Director of the Youth Corporation Ltd. which specialises in personal development programmes for Young Adults using a wide range of expedition and team building techniques. He was awarded an MBE in 2009 for his services to Scouting.

Russell can provide:

  • Expedition planning and implementation;
  • Team building, staff development and management training for commerce, industry and local authorities;
  • Enabling a success ethos within an organisation;
  • Proven experience of running a successful outdoor education/activity centre.

He may be contacted by email at [email protected] or by telephone 023 8081 3812.